Exit & Succession Planning

Run your business today as if you will keep it forever but could sell it tomorrow.

Business Growth and

Exit Strategy Specialist

Your business is your baby. No one knows the ins and outs better than you do, right? What if we were to tell you that while this is true, intimately knowing your business is only one part of what you need to ensure optimal performance. Bolstering your company’s earnings, scaling growth, and maximizing value as you prepare for an eventual exit requires very specific, knowledgeable, and careful guidance. You need someone familiar with all the unforeseen components and invisible hidden technicalities that unfortunately
keep 96% of small businesses well…small.

Business Growth
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Exit Strategy and Succession Planning

Leadership Development

Why You Want to
Work With Us

The Revenue Ignitor Group is here to support you as you aim for the goals that feed the fire inside you. Whatever stage you are in your business, whether you are looking to scale and achieve breakthrough growth, or you want to plan your transition so that you exit when you want and, on your terms, we are here to help you hit your target consistently and effectively.

Strategy Development

Growing a business and creating value starts by developing a compelling and clear strategy that will lead to achieving the vision and objectives set for the business.


We all need to be held accountable in order to achieve our plans. That accountability can come in the form of a supervisor (if we have one), a coach, or an advisory board.


To leverage the potential of a compelling strategy, everyone in the organization needs to be aligned with and focused on the strategy.

Unparalleled Support

We have resources whose success speaks for itself, and their wisdom is available to you through both our CEO Peer Advisory Boards and with our Executive and Business Coaching services.


Having the best strategy and everyone aligned with it is not enough; you need to execute relentlessly. This requires an unwavering focus combined with measuring and communicating progress.

Master Planning

A successful exit strategy requires that you have a Master Plan that aligns your personal, financial, and business goals. We can help you master your master plan.



Leadership Development

As a business owner, your success in scaling or exiting your business requires that you have the right leaders working with you. Your options are to bring in leaders from the outside or develop internal leaders. Do you know how to identify leadership potential? Do you have an effective leadership development plan in place? Let us help you build your leadership bench strength and enable you to achieve your business vision.

Strategy – Culture – Organizational Transformation & Alignment

Get to the heart of the issues that are holding you back and unlock them by learning how to implement engaged leadership that fosters a sense of cultural wellness and unification of purpose and alignment—across the board.

Business Valuation

In today’s business world, intangible assets have the biggest impact on a company’s valuation. About 80% or more of the businesses value comes from its intangible assets. Yet many companies are not optimizing their potential. Our valuations will help identify where you have gaps in your intangible assets, and we help build a plan to close those gaps and increase your businesses value.


“Intimately knowing the full trajectory of your business is our business”

We’ve been there and helped people just like you find their way to realizing their professional and business goals. There’s an old saying that goes, you can’t hit a target that you can’t see. We are here to help you understand where your focus will be most effectively utilized. It is our pleasure to bring your dreams and your target into focus so that you can effectively and smoothly hit that bull’s-eye as you realize your dreams of big-business building and start making them work for you.

While it is true that only 4% of businesses grow beyond the small-business status, this is primarily due to the fact that small businesses owners often hesitate to seek the support they require to make the big leaps in growth and development that will take them into that exclusive 4%. They frequently feel like they don’t have the time to stop working for their business to start working on it. When you partner with the Revenue Ignitor Group, you set the intention to aim higher, which, in turn, elevates your goals. Our qualified professionals and big-business veterans are here to help you bring each element of your goal into focus so that you can adjust your aim and then fire when ready.