I’m Joe Farach, and I have over 30 years of experience helping people just like you to not only succeed but to reach the top tier of businesses—the elusive and exclusive 2%.

Charting a Clear Path

“The only source of knowledge is experience.”
Albert Einstein

Purpose, leadership, alignment, and execution are qualities that I developed in three areas of my career.  I have had the opportunity to lead people in the military, turn around companies in the corporate world, and assist family-owned companies expand their business.  Today, I use this experience to help small and medium sized business owners grow and build the business value so that they maximize wealth upon exit.

Even With Your Best Intentions…

Most people go into business for the freedom, satisfaction, and flexibility (work-life balance) it offers them. Our purpose is to help business owners achieve their objectives for starting their businesses. As Specialists in Value Acceleration & Exit Strategy Planning, our goal is to understand your objectives and help you achieve them, whether you are in the growth phase or considering an eventual exit.