Frequently asked questions and, more importantly, questions you don’t know you should be asking.

Why do I need to know what my business is worth?

Knowing what your business is worth is the first step in understanding if you are on track to having the wealth you need or want when you exit. It will help you understand the gap in value, how much additional value you need to build, and it will give you and an indication of what you need to do to build value.

Why do I need to have a plan to maximize the value of my business?

Small business owners have about 80% of their wealth tied up in their business. Many business owners focus only on the income they earn, but do not worry about the business value until they are ready to sell. At this point it becomes too late to do anything about improving the company value. To assure you maximize your business value and the wealth you will gain when you exit, you need to address the points that will help maximize the business value and your wealth at exit.

How do you create an exit strategy that aligns your personal, financial, and business goals?

You worked tirelessly on developing your business to be exactly how you wanted it, and now it’s time to hand it over. Your exit strategy will help you make sure that your needs are not only considered but met, as well as making sure that the business you worked so hard to bring to fruition maintains its integrity in your successor’s hands. We cover all these aspects that will help you rest easy, knowing that your hard work will be preserved and that your company will continue to flourish even once you pass along the torch.

Are you familiar with how to assess your risk profile, income requirements, and long-term health as you consider your plan?

So often, when we speak with people about their businesses, these aren’t even factors that they consider. They are just living in the day-to-day stress of running their business. We help you flush out answers to all these factors as you move forward to create your Master Plan.

Are you and your business ready for your transition?

To exit your business, you need to make sure that your company is both attractive and ready to sell. Wait, one more thing. You also need to be sure that you are ready to exit. About 75% of business owners that exit their business regret it one year later. Why? They didn’t have a plan for what they would do when they exited the business. We help you not only prepare the company to sell or transition, but we also work with you so that you have a plan that will lead to your personal fulfillment when you leave your business.


Do you want to exit on your terms?

Do you want to exit when you want and on your terms? Well 50% of business exits are involuntary and are forced by dramatic external factors. Owners need to plan for how they want to walk away from their business not only in a perfect scenario but also in a worst-case situation. Exits under these situations typically result in business owners not getting the full value for their business. We work with you to take these factors into account and make sure that you are prepared to optimize your value if faced with one of these situations.

Do you want to assure you maximize the business's value at the time of exit?

Many business owners work hard to build their business and when it comes time to exit, they either have no idea of what their business is worth, or they have some expectation of the businesses value that is not real (the “ugly baby” syndrome). Our exit planning the process includes identifying the companies current value, understanding what is needed to maximize that value and put a “value acceleration” plan in place to grow your most valuable asset and fulfill your wealth needs.

Do you want to exit on your terms?

If you wait for things to settle down and fall into a good flow or to reach a certain point of growth or income before you exit, you might be there forever. We want to help you exit your business on your terms, not when you are simply too tired, or you just can’t continue anymore. Whatever the reason you want to exit your business, let us help you determine a plan that will help you leave on your terms.

As a business owner, you might be a strong leader with a focused and clear vision of your goal, but do you know how to spot other leaders in a crowd (or even among your staff)?

Leadership is a skill that can be natural or cultivated, but it is also a skill that is perishable. Stress, other life factors, and simple ignorance (in the wrong hands) can be extremely detrimental to your goals. You might be an inspirational and competent leader, but you can’t do it all yourself. Finding the right tools to train, support, and enable your leadership to go out and lead well is key to your success…and theirs.

Do you know how to employ and grow creative leaders to the pinnacle of their talents in a way that is both effective and engaging? Do you understand what it takes to help them best cultivate their leadership skills as they guide others toward reaching your particular benchmarks and targets?

Maybe your business skills are honed, but you lack certain leadership qualities that will bolster your business in a big way. We have thorough and comprehensive leadership training and support to help build the team you need to lead you straight to hitting your target.

As a business owner, you might be a strong leader with a focused and clear vision of your goal, but do you have the next generation of leaders that will help take your company forward?

Your long-term business success is dependent upon the development of your next generation leaders.

Why leave this to chance? Let us help you identify your next-generation leaders and help you develop them so that you build the leadership bench strength to help you take your company to the next level.

Have you defined exactly where your business is going? Is your entire team excited about this business and working hard each day to achieve it?

Scaling a business requires that you have a compelling vision, solid strategy, and a team that is aligned with the vision and strategy. We work with you to make sure you have a clear and compelling vision, build the right strategy and help you align your team so that everyone executes relentlessly towards the common goal.

Have you achieved a certain level of success but do not feel that your business or organization is reaching its maximum potential?

Some people feel successful enough, but they aren’t really unlocking their potential to rise to the top. We want to help you reach for the stars as you set your sights on the very creme de la creme, the top 2% of businesses. If you are totally fine with where you are at, and you fear that maybe too much success could be overwhelming, you can either stay where you are, or you can let us show you why success —major success—is nothing to be afraid of.

Is there a clear alignment between your strategy and the accountability necessary for achieving that strategy?

Bringing your strategy to fruition requires accountability, and when you are managing many different levels of employees or different aspects of your business, it can be hard to maintain the accountability necessary to implement. We have the resources available to you to help you stay accountable in a relaxed way so that your goals become achievable instead of seeming overwhelming and unobtainable.