Your Hard Work Realized

Business Growth
and Value Creation

When you find yourself waking up as an entrepreneur and business owner, one of the main dynamics you are likely to fall into is working for your company. After all, someone must “mind the store.” We are here to help you take your business to the next level, one in which you stop working for your business and start working on it. It is the only way that you will be able to scale the business. We help you develop a compelling strategy and a plan to achieve it, build a high-performance team that is aligned with the strategy, and establish accountability so that your team executes the plan relentlessly. The result, your business will be positioned to grow at twice the industry rate, more important you will have a work life balance that you choose.


Growing a business and creating value starts by developing a compelling and clear strategy that will lead to achieving the vision and objectives set for the business.


To leverage the potential of a compelling strategy, everyone in the organization needs to be aligned with and focused on the strategy.


Having the best strategy and everyone aligned with it is not enough; you need to execute relentlessly. This requires an unwavering focus combined with measuring and communicating progress.


We all need to be held accountable in order to achieve our plans. That accountability can come in the form of a supervisor (if we have one), a coach, or an advisory board.


Do you know the value of your business? For most small business owners, the most valuable asset they own is their business. You have worked hard to build this asset, and you should know the value of your hard work today and in the future. Knowing the value of your business and what comprises that value will help you understand the company’s potential so that you could develop the right strategy to grow.

Has exiting the business crossed your mind?
Given thought to an exit strategy? As with any phase of the business, whether it is start up, growth, or scaling; exit or transitioning the business also requires a plan to be successful.
A valuation is the first step in understanding what you need to do so that you could exit when you want and on your terms.

Let us help you see what your business is worth and what you need to do to increase its value.


Exit Strategy and

Succession Planning

Approximately half of all business owners want to exit or transition their business in the next five years. The problem is that only two out of 10 businesses that go on the market will sell. Of those that do sell, many will receive a lower price due to poor or nontransferable intangible assets.

If your plan is to do a family transition instead of selling outside, you are not out of the woods. Family businesses only have a 30% success rate through the second generation, and it goes down to 12% with the third generation.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Having an exit or succession strategy and plan will help you address the issues needed to increase the attractiveness of your business and the value to a potential buyer. It will also help you understand and implement the process that leads to success in a family transition. We are determined to make sure that what matters the most to you also matters deeply to the successors taking the helm to guide your company into its future.

Air-tight Master Plan

A successful exit strategy requires that you have a Master Plan that aligns your personal, financial, and business goals.

Would you know how your self-identity, philanthropic philosophies, and spiritual values play a part in this process? What about your family and friends?

Are you familiar with how to assess your risk profile, income requirements, and long-term health as you consider your plan?

Have you considered how the direction of the business, the salability and ongoing viability of the business, the predictability of the business’s income stream, and your staff, systems, and management succession factor in?

Let us show you how to cover all these bases and more so that your
Master Plan is just that: masterful!

Leadership Development

As a business owner, you might be a strong leader with a focused and clear vision of your goal, but do you know how to spot other leaders in a crowd (or even among your staff)? Do you know how to employ and grow creative leaders to the pinnacle of their talents in a way that is both effective and engaging? Do you understand what it takes to help them best cultivate their leadership skills as they guide others toward reaching your benchmarks and targets? Tapping the genius of effective leaders is critical inspire your culture and align your systems, processes, and employees with your company’s overarching goal and mission. Our advisors are here to assist with both management education and leadership development.



All strategies can seem practical until some part of implementing them fails to run smoothly. We focus on realizing your ideas by offering expertly facilitated leadership workshops to provide you with the guidance you need, even while we meet the needs of your busy schedule.
Get to the heart of the issues that are holding you back and unlock them by learning how to implement engaged leadership that fosters a sense of cultural wellness and unification of purpose and alignment—across the board.

Build a team that embraces the company vision, is fully accountable, and knows exactly how to execute seamlessly to bring home the win.